Multiple Personality Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorders are often linked, since patients with MPD are severely abused survivors in all cases as a rule. Multiple Personality Disorders often have symptoms, including distinct personalities, including different genders, or ages, multiple signatures, different IQs, personality types, amnesia, voices within the head, frequent nightmares, the us of we when referring to self, outer body experiences and so forth.

The patients are often left alone in the world since rarely does the researchers, experts, philosophers and so on have enough information put together to understand this diagnoses. As a survivor of both Multiple Personality and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, I can tell you in most cases do you ever hear the truth in full about multiple personality disorders. The distance between Multiple Personality Disorders and other common disorders is that MPD patients will fight against lying, strive for accuracy, and enforce precision.

As a rule most female patients are rarely violent, however there has been known cases of male patients that were sent to prison for rape, robbery, and other crimes. The fact is the patient was merely acting on a “Projection” and “Interjection” that was sent to him by another alter. In other words, the patient is reliving a horrific moment that probably including rape, robbery or other crimes, and acted out on his visual actions.

This means that the patient was thinking that he was fighting, or retaliating or reenacting what the perpetrator did to him. I am not writing many details about Multiple Personality Disorder since I have an upcoming book going on the market. Any information about Multiple Personality Disorder will be provided in great details in my book, I am afraid to close my eyes, when I open them, I might not be me…the Black Demon. Multiple Personality Disorder is a REAL disorder without fictional characters, as many believe.


The personalities, including child alters, adult, teen, elderly, are all sub parts of an actually human being that was traumatized beyond a persons ability to cope with trauma. Multiple Personality patients often suffer anorexia and bulimia; they may also suffer from sleeping disorders and discomforts.


Some of the personalities are stronger than others, and most all multiple personality survivors are artistic and highly creative. Multiple Personality patients are also extremely intelligent. This diagnosis takes years to relieve, and most therapists will avoid diagnosing a patient even if he or she has two or all of the symptoms of multiple personality disorder.


Multiple personality patients also have difficulty with medical treatment, since the blood rates raise and lower, MRI can find seizures one day and nothing the next, respiratory rates often flounder, and some alters may even be blind. The person often goes through life with this disorder, and when they reach a certain age, shattering beyond coping begins. This is when Integration needs to take place.


Integration is the processing of sending the alters to an area of the mind for permanent stay. Once the Integration process is completed, most MPD patients are lost in the world. After living an entire life with ‘families’ within, and then all of sudden coming into a corrupted system all alone with little support, is it any wonder they often hate life after Integration.


The people often feel a sense of loss when Integrated, since the only family they knew and loved is now sitting comfortable in the chambers of their mind, while they have to deal with all the lying, stealing, controversies, work, and other life stressors alone. The personalities once Integrated can still communicate with the patient, however it is never the same. Most MPD patients also have posttraumatic stress disorders, since trauma from early childhood and throughout their lives is the ONLY reason MPD develops in the first place.

There has been many arguments on this controversial disorder, but the fact is, it is real and we must face the truth of its diagnose. The many controversies that has swept the market is often linked to criminals that used this diagnose as an excuse to get away with crime. Had the system been informed and accepted MPD as a real disorder, they wouldn’t have been so naïve as to believe just anyone claiming to have Multiple Personality Disorder, and would have stopped the defendant at the front door.