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Mental Health Defined

Mental Health Defined and Imparted


Oftentimes, defining mental illness is easier than defining mental health. It is stressed that mental health is the opposite or the absence of mental illness. But in a more complex but detailed definition, mental health is regarded as the state of psychological and emotional well-being wherein the individual has the capability to use emotional and cognitive capabilities, meet demands of daily living and functions in the society normally.


There have been questions regarding the health state of the mind and how can you recognize if the person is mentally healthy or ill. It can be indelible that some suffer a high dosage of mental incapacity while others are doing perfectly well. There are some characteristics or categories in order to determine if a person has in within the range of a healthy state of mind or can somehow reach it.




If balance is all the way supported throughout a person’s entire life, he or she most likely can achieve a healthy mind state. Balancing one’s daily activities that will coordinate with a person physical, mental and emotional capacity is hard. Some can do it well while others just give up. People need to balance their time and attention on a lot of things. For wishful thinking, could it be possible to be in two places at one time so that you can attend dinner party and at the same time sit back and relax while watching a ball game?


It is important that balance in every activity is fulfilled. A person has a balanced social life if she has time for her family, friends, work and herself without compromising any of the mentioned personalities.


Enjoying Life


Once a person enjoys his or her life, no matter how difficult any circumstance can occur, it is said that he or she is also enjoying a healthy state of mind. In order to appreciate life, one must enjoy every second that has passed. In order to achieve a steady and happy life, one must see the present as a gift and not the past nor the future. There is an inevitable need to plan the future and learn from what we left behind but this is not an excuse to make one’s life miserable. Sometimes, people tend to ponder a lot with the past and worry about the future where in fact, what is important is the present. Metaphors in life are one important factor to really enjoy living.




Alone time is the moment when you tend to realize a lot of things in your life – achievements, failures, goals, and all those important things in life. With self-actualization, you will realize how far you’ve come and what are the blessings that were given to you. You can only claim that you have a healthy mind the moment you have accurately actualized yourself. But first, the person must feel a certain kind of security that will be able to make him comfortable towards himself.




No matter how hard life can bring, a person who has mental must be able to bounce back from all his or her adversities. He or she must be able to handle all of life’s stressors more than anyone can. Think, just by coping with traumatic situations and recognizing it as a challenge and not a sort of discouragement will help an individual sort out the difficulties attached to the problem and easily solve it.