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4 Powerful Anti-Aging Tips

If you've spent any amount of time researching "anti-aging" tips and strategies than you're probably

aware of just how much information is out there.It can get quite overwhelming when you're dealing

with information overload but still aren't sure where  begin.


What really works?


In today's email, I'll share 4 powerful anti-aging secrets that are proven to work.  These are tips handed out by expert dermatologists who know how to get skin looking youthful quickly and without surgery involved.


#1: Exercise

It should come as no surprise that regular exercise is great for your overall body, but especially your skin. One reason is because with increased movement you are releasing a compound called IL 15. The reason this is so important is that IL 15 prevents cell death!


#2:Exfoliate 2-3 Times A Week

If you want your skin to look better than it ever has before, it's important that you spend time removing

dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dry and unhealthy.  Exfoliating is a great way to get the job

done quickly. 


#3: Facial Massage

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin?  Spend a few  minutes every night massaging your skin with high-quality skin care products. 


Tip:  Do circular motions with your fingertips starting at your forehead.  Move in opposite directions on each hand.  Facial massages encourage elasticity and helps to break down any tension in your facial tissues.


#4: Incorporate Oils Into Your Diet

Consuming fish or vegetable omega oil capsules every day, as well as applying oil to your face every night will help repair tissue, hydrate your skin and get your face looking years younger. That's it for today. In tomorrow's email, we'll talk about the top anti-aging foods that you'll want to incorporate into your diet right away. 


These power foods will get your skin looking younger while helping you trim down.